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My Story

Everyone has a story. Some peoples stories are more dramatic than others, some have gone through a lot more hardships, some peoples stories might seem perfect but as you keep reading you discover they have struggles too. Our stories make us who we are. We are all different and think differently due to this crazy journey called life that has shaped us over time. Some of us have many years ahead of us to keep learning and growing, others of us are in our last few years and just trying to enjoy what we have for the time being. Life is truly beautiful and there is so much out there to learn, explore, and experience. So this blog is my story, my experiences, and what I have learned. It's to share my passion and knowledge to maybe help or motivate others. I am not an expert, I don't know everything, and you might disagree with my thoughts. That is fine, I am just an average human looking to live my life to the fullest.

My story honestly is not a hardship at all. I lived an amazing …

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